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Third Nail Hurricane Truss Mitigation and Retrofit Services Across Florida

External link opens in new tab or windowRichard BergeA vast number of homes in Florida built before 2000 have only one or two nails holding the metal hurricane truss straps to the truss. By having three nails installed into the hurricane straps, homeowners can save 25-35% on their home insurance premium. Third Nail offers Third Nail Truss Mitigation and Retrofit services throughout the entire state of Florida. Our company is licensed, insured, and BBB accredited. Our reliable services have gained us a number of loyal customers; home inspectors, insurance agencies, contractors and our customers refer us for Truss Mitigation Retrofits across the state.

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By mitigating your truss straps, you not only save on your insurance premiums, you would add extra uplift protection from high winds to your entire home. Third Nail has helped hundreds of property owners save money by reducing the cost of their insurance coverage. We offer a variety of home and commercial mitigation and retrofit methods to meet every buildings unique circumstances. Call today to learn about our wind mitigation installation services.