Hurricane Strap Retrofit Services You Can Trust

For all kinds of third nail truss mitigation and hurricane strap retrofit services, you can rely on Third Nail Mitigation. If your Florida home was built before 2000, your metal hurricane truss straps may only have one or two nails holding it to the truss. The simple addition of a third nail into hurricane clips can help homeowners save 25%-35% on their home insurance premium and provide added security to protect your home if disaster strikes. Moreover, your entire home will get extra uplift protection from high winds. Our service is efficient, reliable, and professional. We service the entire state of Florida with our high-quality truss mitigation and retrofit services.

Pricing For Most Homes Start At

·         $1150 West Coast Homes.

·         $1150 East Coast Homes.

* Our third nail upgrade cost is affordable, making it accessible to most homeowners. Pricing for most homes in West Coast and East Coast counties start at $1150, providing the retrofit can be done from the soffit and no other straps are required. We install 2 new straps at no cost. If more straps are required, the price is $20/strap. We will inform you before work begins if you need more than 10 straps.

* Don’t wait until a hurricane approaches. Call us today!

Prices For Retrofitting From The Exterior

If there is one area where a homeowner can make minimal investment and get maximum returns – It’s the addition of a Third Nail! Still not sure if your home needs third nail installation? Contact us for information and a free estimate!

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