Miami Hurricane Retrofit and Truss Mitigation Services

Miami residents know about hurricanes. You know their destructible nature and the damage left behind to when a hurricane strikes. While we can’t control Mother Nature, Third Nail can help you take action to prevent as little damage to your home as possible. As an independent company operating in Miami and throughout South Florida, we offer professional truss mitigation, hurricane strap retrofits for houses, and wind mitigation to minimize structural damage.

We’re available on short notice and our services include the following:

  • Hurricane roof clips

  • Hurricane roof straps

  • Hurricane tie downs

  • Roof plate straps

  • Restoration services

  • Roof truss straps

Did you know that our system is considerably sturdier than the commonly used dual nail systems? Because our system is much stronger, many of our customers see a 25-30% savings on the cost of their homeowner’s insurance premiums. That’s a significant savings! Our Third Nail system works with all types of exteriors from wood and stucco to aluminum and vinyl. Your home’s trusses are retrofitted within the soffit or the attic. Give us a call today to learn more about how our retrofitting services work.

Wind Mitigation Services

Proactive homeowners take advantage of our wind mitigation inspection report. With this service, a wind mitigation specialist will come to your home, inspect your exterior, and provide you with a detailed report of add-ons and features that could benefit your home in the event of a hurricane.

To learn more about the hurricane retrofitting and wind mitigation services we offer, call us today.