Tampa Hurricane Retrofit Services and Truss Mitigation

As a Tampa resident, we know you know a thing or two about storm protection during hurricane season. When Mother Nature lets go of her temper, she can wreak havoc on your property. That’s why we at Third Nail have developed a retrofitting system that provides homeowners with a better defense against damaging hurricane winds. With our system, your roof and all other aspects of your home will be better protected.

Why Choose the Third Nail System?

We never use dual nail systems, opting instead for third nail systems to create a sturdier structure. Also, unlike other systems, our hurricane strap retrofits for houses can be used with all types of exterior materials including wood, vinyl, stucco, aluminum, and more! All our services are done by professional, certified experts and can even lead to a 25-30% reduction in homeowner’s insurance premium costs.

Examples of the kinds of retrofits we offer include the following:


  • Roof truss straps

  • Roof plate straps

  • Hurricane tie downs

  • Hurricane roof straps

  • Hurricane roof clips

Learn More About Wind Mitigation

Did you know that a wind inspection report prepared by a certified Third Nail expert can earn you a discount on your insurance premium? A wind inspection is a report that details add-ons and features a property contains to make it sturdier against hurricanes or high winds from a tropical storm. This report, when filed with your insurance company, could save you quite a bit of money on your insurance costs. It can also highlight areas of the home that could benefit from hurricane retrofit solutions.

To learn more about our restoration services, retrofitting, and wind mitigation in Tampa, call us today!